Fly Screens and Doors will do the basic job of keeping insects out, but offer nothing in terms of security. They comprise a black woven mesh held into an aluminium frame (available in a range of colours) with rubber spline. They do not spoil the view from inside or the look of the house from the outside. They are also very affordable, a lot cheaper than security, magnetic fly screens or retractable fly screens.

The standard mesh we use for all fly screens and doors is the 'Fibreglass' Mesh. This standard mesh will do the basic job most people need, and is cheap and easy to replace if it gets damaged.

Other meshes available include:
Midge or Sandfly mesh - A Fibreglass mesh with smaller holes than the standard mesh to keep out the smaller insects.
Pet Mesh - A tougher and thicker mesh with Acrylic coating to help stand up to pets pawing at the mesh.
Aluminium & Stainless Steel Fly Meshes - Metal fly screen mesh for homes that are close to bushland and need fire rated screens.

Our Fly screens and Doors can be made to suit all windows and doors.

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